Zunzuneo reveals fear by the example of Cuba for everyone

Javier Rodriguez Roque  |  cubainsidetheworld.com  |  April 30, 2014


The anti-Cuban zunzuneo reveals the fear and concern of the United States for the term of the example of Cuba for everyone, said the deputy Paraguayan Karina Rodriguez. In statements to Prensa Latina, parliamentary argued that this technological aggression shown that large U.S. interests and those responsible for managing international politics remain concerned about the significance of the island in the context mundial.Cuba remains a beacon of hope for many people the planet in terms of generating an alternative model to barbarism and dehumanisation process promoted by global capitalism, he said.The legislator considered as most important the growing number of people in Latin America and other regions emerging in defense of the Cuban process, not only solidarity but to demand the respect and safeguarding of international law.

This is a matter of zunzuneo wake-up call and a demonstration that when processes of autonomy, sovereignty, liberation and emancipation arise also see the dark hand to object to try to frustrate the unjust order and maintain in force, he said.

Rodríguez, representative in the House Avanza Country Party, stated that it must be equally alert to fully understand and meet the new strategies used in these times by Washington to prevent the existence of free nations.

He stressed that decades ago these things could seem scripts for films but end today as absolutely the worst developed and petty political interests and practices.

To me this does nothing but reflect as Cuba continues to be from the very beginning of the Revolution hope for many and also exposes the deep despair generated by it in the heart of the imperialist system, he said.

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