Young People in Camaguey Pay Tribute to Major General Ignacio Agramonte

Camagüey, May 11 – In commemoration of the death of Major General Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz who died in glorious battle 142 years ago on a day like today, and to mark the 42nd anniversary of his birth house museum, young people in Camaguey have put into practice numerous initiatives.

Chairwoman of the Martiano Youth Movement -follower of Jose Marti’s thinking- Yorvana Rodríguez Guerrero told that lectures, special morning meeting, a concert  and an official ceremony will be held at the Potrero de Jimaguayú –battlefield where Agramonte was shot- in the municipality of Vertientes.

This week, a wide array of activities will be carried out under the motto “Por los caminos de Agramonte”, volunteer works in different towns and communities where Agramonte had an active patriotic participation are included in the programme, such as La Matilde farm, the rural towns of Minas and Altagracia, the city of Guáimaro and the Potrero de Jimaguayú

Likewise, young law practitioners will recall the presence of this pro-independence founding father in different places within the administrative center of this province, declared today as a national landmark. This commemorative campaign will come to an end on the 120th anniversary of Cuba’s National Hero Jose Marti’s death in combat.

Within the framework of the 10th Congress of the Young Communist League (UJC), which is scheduled to be held in July, the new generations of Cubans in this province are working together with the Martiano Youth Movement and the Jose Marti Cultural Society to pay tribute to the most important military chief born in Camaguey in the 19th century and recognize his lasting legacy. (Indira López Karell/Radio Cadena Agramonte).

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