Yoga Unites: A Yoga Retreat in Cuba

By Kathy Parsons April 12, 2017 |If you spend a day watching 24-hour news channels and scrolling your social media feeds, you may notice that there is an incredible amount of attention spent on highlighting the differences among people. Differences of political ideologies, religious beliefs, income levels, family values, geography, haves and have nots… It’s exhausting. But, as human beings, our similarities far outweigh our differences.​

It may sound overly simplistic, but we all have a beating heart, a brain that governs our thoughts and actions, and a level of consciousness. We all experience feelings of love and anger, laughter and sadness, joy and grief. The practice of yoga doesn’t discriminate. When a person steps onto their mat, they are joining their fellow yogis with breath and movement.

The word ‘yoga’ in Sanskrit, means ‘to yoke’ or to unite. To unite body, mind and soul within each individual. Yoga unites all practitioners together in practice.

Yoga is not a religion, it is a beautiful philosophy in which the physical movements are only one part. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the faster and more materialist our collective societies become, the more people seek yoga and meditation practices.

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