World vigil to demand end of the US blockade against Cuba


Washington, Dec 11 (Prensa Latina) The leader of the Bridges of Love solidarity project, Carlos Lazo, on Friday called for a global vigil for peace and the end of the United States blockade against Cuba on December 23.

The initiative will take place in several countries, and in the case of the US city of Miami, they plan to carry it out in the evening in a park near the airport, the Cuban-American professor said on his social networks.

He stressed that other US states are also preparing rallies for that day in churches and meeting places, where they will gather to demand the lifting of Washington’s unilateral blockade against Cuba.

We invite everyone to join and ask God to intercede and enlighten the hearts of those who make decisions in this country to put an end to the sanctions that affect Cuban families so much, Lazo said.

Every month since the beginning of the year, Bridges of Love has summoned caravans to demand an end end of the blockade imposed six decades ago on Cuba, a solidarity initiative that has been replicated in several parts of the world.


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