World Poetry Movement praises Cuban poetess Morejon

Bogota, May 31 (Prensa Latina) The World Poetry Movement (WPM) on Wednesday praised Cuban poetess, translator, essayist, editor and academic Nancy Morejon, another victim of hatred and revanchism by the Cuban overseas right-wing.

The Movement supported the author of “Mutismos,” (Silences) “Paisajes Celebres” (Famous Landscapes),” “Poemas de amor y muerte,” (Poems of Love and Death) among others. The WPM wondered, “What is Nancy Morejon’s sin? And replied itself, “Living and working in Cuba and remaining by the side of the Cuban Revolution.”

In the last hours the hatred is in Paris in the spurious hands of those opposing the Government and the political system that the Cuban people have chosen for themselves without pressures or influences from anyone. Now, they are aiming at the great poetess Nancy Morejon trying to attack her with their impotence and frustration,” Morejon warned.

The Movement detailed that the outstanding Cuban intellectual has been invited as Honorary President of the Paris Poetry Market that will begin coming June 7 in the City of Light.

The World Poetry Movement calls to repudiate these acts against Cuban culture, of which the poetess is a prominent member as intellectual and main organizer of the Havana International Poetry Festival.

“Let’s defend Nancy Morejon from the barbarism and mediocrity that a few want to turn into a global narrative. Nancy Morejon is today the Cuban culture, the Cuban nation,” the Movement urged.

World Poetry Movement is a coordination of organizations and poets that arrange international poetry festivals, educational projects and poetry publishing houses, gathering up more than 2,000 poets from 150 nations worldwide.


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