World expert recognizes Cuban program for diabetics

1415987170dr-felix-manuel-escano[1]Dr. Felix Manuel Seaton, president of the Latin American Diabetes Association (ALAD), said in Havana that the Cuban program for prevention and control of this disease has been taken as an example in the region, reported the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

Exclusive to the ACN, the endocrinologist from Dominican Republic, said that Cuba has been advanced in the management and care of diabetes, and emphasized the planned way from tertiary primary care, secondary and, thus described as rewarding count in the Caribbean with such a broad and complete as this program.

Escaño is participating this week in the Latin American Diabetes Course, where knowledge management and preventive measures to be applied to the disease, whose prevalence in the region ranges from eight to 12 percent, are exposed.
Clarified specializes Mexico and Brazil are among the top 10 countries with the highest rate of this disease in the world.

Those statistics are chilling by the way is increasing progressively and lead to Mexico, a fifth and Brazil sixth, 2025 may move to a seat fourth and fifth respectively.

In this regard, the expert said, we have to make efforts to avoid medical inertia, clinic, patients and governments to implement remedial measures for this population, which is expected to increase over the next 15 years by 55 percent Latin America, warned.

Worldwide there are about 382 million diabetics by 2025 and is expected to reach more than 500 million, which gives an indication of the progress of this disease over time, but what is striking is that there are many people wandering the streets and do not know they have warned.

Founded 45 years ago, the ALAD consists of 19 nations, including Cuba, and their representatives have also been members of other major international institutions like the International Diabetes Federation said.

This course is part of the IX International Congress of Atherosclerosis Risk Factors FRATEROS 2014, which is meeting today in Havana´s Convention Center with representatives from several countries.

Today November 14 World Diabetes Day is celebrated in Cuba and the disease occupies the eighth leading cause of death in the population, which is a concern for the Ministry of Public Health told Esther Pallarols, an official of Department of Not Contagoius Diseases of Cuban Health Minister.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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