World Bank Highlights Advances of Cuban Education

The most recent report of the World Bank (WB) on education in Latin America and the Caribbean, places Cuba in the first position in the region in that regard, close to the most effective in the world.

How to improve learning in Latin America and the Caribbean, the text states that despite the progress experienced by some countries in the region in the past decade, no other reaches the quality Cuba does, in accordance with the global indicators.

Currently, no Latin American school system, with the possible exception of Cuba, is close to show high parameters that characterize the world’s most effective educational systems, the study says.

According to the source, the most effective educational system in the world are those of Finland, Singapore, Shanghai (China), Republic of Korea, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Canada.

The text stands out that the average performance in learning in the countries of the region in all international tests of the past 40 years is inferior to that in any other geographical area, except sub-Saharan Africa.

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