Works to build a new International Hotel start in Varadero

VARADERO, Cuba, Jul 28 (acn) Earthworks, drilling and other preparations on the site occupied by the International Hotel, in this resort town, are undertaken these days before demolishing the old structure at the end of the year and start construction of the new one with 924 rooms.

The creation of necessary temporary facilities precedes the beginning of the work, which will run until 2018, date on which it is scheduled the opening of the modern five-star facility, attached to the form of “all inclusive” and located in the beachfront.

The hotel will offer high comfort and quality of services in tune with the expectations of vacationers from around the world, Bladimir Ayra, director of Arcos-BBI (Bouygues Batiment International) International Economic Association, told reporters.

The official said that the current project aims to achieve optimum use of the enclave, in an excellent area to enjoy the sea, multiplying the accommodation capacity when compared to the old building with only 200 rooms.

Despite the fond memories kept by many visitors while staying in the building, concluded in the mid-twentieth century, the fact is that its conditions are insufficient to satisfy the foreign tourism, Ayra said, and announced they are taking precautions to deal with the debris without damaging the dune.

Roberto Rovira, director of the Construction Business Group working for tourism in Varadero, said the design of the new work is inspired by conceptual ideas expressed in the former one, with some typical elements of Cuban architecture of the 1950s.

Another Continental Cabaret, but of major proportions and new services, will also be erected as part of the International Hotel in this, the largest tourist destination of sun and beach of the island, located about 120 kilometers east of Havana.

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