Work of Cuban Engineers Highlighted in South Africa

Pretoria, Jul 3 (Prensa Latina) Cuban engineers from different branches of water resources have worked so far in more than 260 projects since their arrival in South Africa in February 2015 as part of a bilateral cooperation agreement.

The 35 specialists from the island who arrived in this country cover part of the deficit South Africans have in terms of qualified staff, said in an interview with Prensa Latina the general coordinator of this mission, engineer Eduardo Lóriga at the end of a forum held here.

“The mission conducted this workshop or forum to expose some of our main findings in the context of the celebration of 20 years of collaboration between Cuba and South Africa, he said.

He added that the group -made up of nine women-came to contribute with their experiences and went to the nine provinces of the African nation.

Currently, another 200 projects covering 15 different concepts of water resources were defined, said the coordinator while referring to the possibility that this mission has “to keep in time depending on the need for human resources.”

The agreement between the Department of Water and Sanitation in South Africa and the Institute of Hydraulic Resources of Cuba was signed in 2013, “and became effective with our arrival,” said Lóriga.

This agreement includes five areas of collaboration from the emergency South Africans have in this activity, which we cover and follow up, he explained.

For example, he noted, these areas have to do mostly with jobs in rural areas, with the water infrastructure, hydrology and hydrogeology.

In addition, they are related to infrastructure maintenance, transfer of skills to South Africans specialists and technicians as well as engineering services in rural areas.

In February 1996 he arrived in South Africa the first group of Cuban doctors, who opened the way for such cooperation which extended beyond the field of health in these two decades of existence.

According to updated figures more than 600 Cuban professionals from different sectors are in the African nation honoring that agreement of cooperation, the result of the idea and vision of the leaders Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela.

By Deisy Francis Mexidor



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