Women at the center of transformation process in Cuba

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Havana, Mar 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuba on Tuesday is celebrating International Women’s Day with progress in political, cultural, social and family rights, and also challenges that place them at the center of the transformation process in the island.

The founding of the Federation of Cuban Women in 1960 enabled that women could participate in determining policies and implementing measures to eliminate prejudices and stereotypes that kept them in a subordinate position in society.

After more than six decades, Cuban women represent almost 49 percent of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament), 51 percent in provincial governments and 34 percent in municipal governments.

Likewise, of 89,214 people engaged in scientific and technological activities in the nation, 53 percent are women, as well as 68 percent of 7,750 researchers categorized in late 2019.

Beyond the achievements in aspects such as equal contribution in productive areas and management tasks, and in the recognition of their contribution in the family as the nucleus of society, women still face sex cultural barriers that hinder their full realization.


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