Wine Factory Diversifies Production in Las Tunas

Las Tunas.- The Wine and Rum Factory, located in the town of Bartle in the capital municipality, is implementing actions to launch new product lines in the domestic market based on the creation of beetroot, anoncillo and raisin wines.

Enrique Santana Sarduy, the Director, said that “in 2014 we had many difficulties with the raw materials, and the workers made a great effort to move forward and we even surpassed the production plan by 105 percent, i.e. that of 4.9 million pesos expected, we got more than 5.”

He also explained that “the production was performed using an open format last year: first we produced an amount of bottled rum, then we developed the line of Arecha rum and finally we gave prominence to the production of wine, with the sponsorship of the Beverages Company of the neighbouring province of Camagüey.”

The good production results of the factory are possible by the efforts of its workers. Idalmis Zamora Alarcón, founder of the plant, with 29 years of work, says “the work is wonderful but it requires a lot of sacrifice, because most of the processes are made by hand: washing bottles, bottling, cover and labelling. It requires much rigor and concentration by the workers, but we are not tired because we like to fulfill the plans.”

Written by Luz Marina Reyes Caballero / Photo: by the author, March 1, 2015

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