WHO: Cuba Warns of Obstacles to Millennium Goals

Geneva, May 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Public Health Minister Roberto Morales stated today that global compliance with the UN Millennium Goals is essential to face the problems arising from multiple crises and great inequalities.

Morales, who is chairing the 67th World Health Assembly here, denounced the waste of enormous resources on modern wars of conquest that kill thousands, while tens of millions of people suffer from poverty and preventable, curable diseases.

“To cite just one example, a single supersonic fighter aircraft costs the same as opening 40,000 doctor’s offices,” he said.

Morales recalled that since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, his country has contributed to improving healthcare in more that 120 countries worldwide, with expertise provided by some 135,000 medical collaborators.

“At the World Health Organization (WHO), Cuba will continue defending cooperative actions and regional political agreements to improve the quality of healthcare for our peoples,” Morales said.

Referring to the agenda for the event, running through May 24, the Cuban health minister stated that it includes priority issues at the world level, while the general debate will deal with the relationship between climate change and health.

“Reducing maternal and child mortality continues to be a pending issue, so this meeting should extensively analyze that topic,” he said.

Another issue under discussion is the action plan for the prevention and control of non-transmitible diseases that represent a threat for people’s welfare, he noted.

Morales thanked all States that contributed to granting Cuba the honor of leading the sessions of the 67th WHO Assembly.

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