WHO: Cuba Might Eradicate Tuberculosis by 2035

Geneva, Jul 3 (Prensa Latina) Cuba is one of the countries that might eliminate tuberculosis by the year 2035, said the World Health Organization (WHO), thanks to the application of control programs, prevention and effective disease treatment. The United Nations institution, with its venue in Geneva, reported that nations such as Bahamas and Costa Rica, are in the same situation.

Mario Raviglione, director of the WHO Global Program on Tuberculosis, said in a press conference WHO pretends to take the tolerance rate of tuberculosis to zero percent in at least 30 countries or territories with less than 100 cases per each million inhabitants are annually registered.

Raviglione said the strategy includes measures with a proven effectiveness in prevention terms, the diagnosis and the treatments for the most vulnerable groups to the disease.

“The low rate of tuberculosis showed by these nations, is the result of the application of serious programs for control of the disease, supported by the economic and social development in the last decades,” said the WHO expert.

The plan schedules an initial stage, aiming for the attention of 10 cases per each million inhabitants in those countries for 2035, and reach the total eradication of the disease in 2050.

The evaluations made by WHO show that Cuba, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Puerto Rico, are the only Latin American countries in the list, in which some of the most industrialized nations of the world, are also included.

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