What’s Next for US-Cuba Relations?

Escrito por Rachel Weatherly


US-Cuba relations have been at a stalemate for decades, but a recent poll shows Americans want closer ties with Cuba, especially those who have traveled to the island.

Tuesday, the Council’s Arsht Center on Latin America will release the first national poll that centers solely on American attitudes towards US-Cuba relations. Experts posit that 2014 could mark a unique moment of opportunity and inflection for the Obama administration and its ability to act on Cuba. Changing demographics and new stakeholders could create an increasingly bipartisan coalition that supports meaningful changes in our relationship with Cuba. This poll attempts to quantify these shifts in US politics.

Conducted by the top bipartisan polling team of Paul Maslin and Glen Bolger, this poll provides new insight into US attitudes regarding individual strands of the Cuba embargo. The pollsters and Arsht Center experts will be joined by CNN analysts Paul Begala and Alex Castellanos at the release event on Tuesday morning at the Atlantic Council. Limited space is available to attend, and the event will be webcast and live tweeted. Join the conversation using the hashtag #cubapoll, and be sure to follow the Arsht Center on Twitter.

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