What’s Behind US-Backed Electricity Blackout in Venezuela

People gather at a park during the blackout in Caracas, Venezuela, March 7, 2019.
People gather at a park during the blackout in Caracas, Venezuela, March 7, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

More than 70 percent of the Venezuelan territory was affected by sabotage to the country’s electrical system.

March 9 (teleSUR) The cyber attack perpetrated Thursday against the El Guri hydroelectric plant control system left the Venezuelan population without electricity for almost 24 hours. According to the Venezuelan government, this nation-wide blackout was brought about by foreign-backed actions aimed at destabilizing the government President Nicolas Maduro, who stressed that the aggression “affected everyone equally without political distinction.”

Venezuela Denounces US Participation in Electric Sabotage

What caused the country-wide blackout?

The automatized control system of the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant, which is popularly known as El Guri, was attacked. Inside this high-tech power plant, three of five backup generators were electronically sabotaged, Jorge Rodriguez, Sector Vice President of Communication, Tourism and Culture, revealed in a statement explained teh details of the reasons behind the attack.

Who was involved in the attack?

The sabotage was intended to leave Venezuela without light for several days, according to Rodriguez. He said that Marco Rubio, U.S. Republican Senator from Florida, who has been actively seeking to destabilize the Bolivarian government, is one of the promoters of the attack.

According to the Venezuelan communication minister, U.S. Secretary Mike Pompeo and opposition deputy Juan Guaido were also implicated in the attack.

Abby Martin@AbbyMartin

Venezuela’s blackout is being used as new pretext for coup. Shortly before US overthrew Allende, there were also major blackouts coupled with widespread CIA sabotage to “make the economy scream” ht @jamesforpeace https://www.nytimes.com/1973/08/14/archives/blackout-interrupts-address-by-allende.html …1,25211:22 AM – Mar 8, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacyBlackout Interrupts Address by AllendePower cut brings total blackout to Santiago, Chile, on Aug 13 as Pres S Allende is making nationwide TV address on pol crisis; power is reptdly also cut in other sections of country; Allende says…nytimes.com1,084 people are talking about this


How was the Guri Plant attacked?

The power plant automatized control system was “attacked cybernetically”, Rodriguez said and explained that the security protocols made machines stop as the power plant was under attack.

The Guri facility’s electronic brain regulates 20 hydroelectric machines by taking into account voltage variations, which are used to increase or decrease the working of the whole system.

What did the Venezuelan population do?

Faced with this aggression, President Nicolas Maduro suspended work hours and school activities on Friday, March 8. The Venezuelan population remained calm mostly at home or gathered at plazas and parks.

In Caracas, despite the fact that the blackout affected the subway, many whose working hours were not suspended came to their workplaces either walking or using other transportation methods.

This unexpected citizen reaction demonstrated the population’s resilience amidst “the most brutal aggression to which the Venezuelan people have been subjected in 200 years,” Rodriguez argued.

From his Twitter account, Maduro also displayed his admiration “of the Venezuelan people who resist with courage this new attack of the enemies of the Homeland”.


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