What is the food like in Cuba?

By Abi Payne-Humphries, World of Thomson, May 4, 2017| Cuban food is nothing like you’ve ever tried before. It’s all about Spanish, African and Caribbean influences all combined into one, producing a unique cuisine which is rich in spices, full-on in flavour as well as nutritious.
And the food isn’t just good, it’s incredibly cheap, too. You can pick up a three-course meal for two for under £15, with a local beer costing just 80p. Locals can take advantage of these seemingly low prices too, as after the 1959 revolution a rationing system known as La Libreta was put in place, providing every Cuban family with household essentials like rice, eggs, sugar and bread for under $2 – 12% of what it should cost.
You’ll find a huge breadth of Cuban food, in addition to tasty international options, at our All-Inclusive Cuban hotels and resorts. And if you venture outside, you’ll find tonnes of restaurants and paladares, or home-run eateries, serving traditional local cuisine.

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