‘We Will Never Give Up’: Venezuela’s Maduro to Marco Rubio

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro responded to threats made by the U.S. senator involving the National Constituent Assembly.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday slammed U.S. Senator Marco Rubio after he threatened the South American government with “severe sanctions” if the National Constituent Assembly is held.

Earlier this week, Rubio took to Twitter to demand that Maduro concede to three demands: release and grant amnesty to “political prisoners,” cancel the National Constituent Assembly and schedule and hold internationally supervised elections.

In response, Maduro demanded respect for his administration, informing the Republican Party politician that his nation was not one that could be bossed around and that Venezuela’s problems are their own.

“Imperialism … is threatening that if the National Constituent Assembly takes place, they are going to block Venezuela,” Maduro told Congress and members of the press during a meeting.

“Block Venezuela? Venezuela is not blocked by anyone, my friend.”

Shortly after Rubio issued the threat, the Venezuelan leader said that “Venezuela will overcome all with its National Constituent Assembly and imperialism will swallow its words.”

“We will never give up,” he added.

This was not the first threat made to the South American nation by the U.S. senator, who helped to organize efforts in the Organization of American, OAS, states against the democratically-elected government. Several months ago, Rubio publically threatened El Salvador, Haiti and the Dominican Republic earlier this month for defending Venezuela against OAS attacks.

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by teleSUR / ms-RSF

teleSUR, July 12, 2017

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