We’ ll continue to be free, Venezuelan says in Cuba

Havana, Feb 22 (Prensa Latina) Bolivar’s homeland will continue to be free and sovereign, a Venezuelan woman said today accompanied by her daughter who receives medical attention at the Hospital Ortopedico Docente Fructuoso Rodriguez in the capital.

We are sure that our president, Nicolas Maduro, will maintain his strength to withstand this situation created by someone who has insisted on taking over our territory, Gregoria Hernandez, mother of the young Greyveth Medina, victim of a car accident, told Prensa Latina.

This struggle did not begin now, but from the first moment that our president, Commander Hugo Chavez, came to power, and now it has sharpened because they do not cease in their efforts to fulfill their objective, reflected the Venezuelan, a native of the state of Zulia.

‘From here in Cuba, I ask God to give a lot of strength to our president and all his team so that they continue to resist. I hope that on our return we will be able to enjoy what we left behind, freedom,’ she predicted.

Hernandez celebrated international solidarity in defense of Venezuela’s sovereignty and, at the same time, lamented the forgetfulness of some governors of countries in the region, such as Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, of the aid offered by their homeland when they have needed it.

The people of those nations do remember our support, but those in power will sooner or later react, she said.

Referring to the care received in the capital’s hospital, he said he felt at home because of the treatment of the staff of the International Medical Attention Room (AMI). Dr. Miledys Rodriguez, who directs the case, is very professional and is about safety, she said.

The young Medina, 24 years old, scholarship and agreement analyst at the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho Foundation, suffers from a leg injury, and currently receives oxygenation in the hyperbaric chamber, before being operated on.

She described as excellent the service offered by the Hospital Ortopedico Docente Fructuoso Rodriguez, led by Dr. Antonio Raunel Hernandez, second degree specialist in orthopedics and traumatology.


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