Voices of Cuba and the United States United by Music

MATANZAS, Cuba, Mar 13 (acn) Voices of the Yale Glee Club choir from Yale University, and the Chamber Choir of Matanzas, sang together in this city the Nostalgia de Serenata by composer Guido Lopez – Gavilan, a gesture of brotherhood from art.

Yale Glee Club

Jeffrey Douma , director of the foreign group said that sharing a song is one of the activities most enjoyable for him during a visit , and although they didn’t have many opportunities to interact , to sing together is as if the performers got to know each other through music .

According to Douma , it is very important to approach the culture of the host nation , and said he wanted to bring his students to know the place that he loved in 2010, when he came to Cuba with the Yale Alumni Chorus because many Americans never achieve to visit the island

In the St. Peter the Apostle Church , National Monument , the U.S. group also performed Caribbean folk music as Papa Loko, traditional Haitian theme, and the song The Guayaboso , also composed by Cuban Guido Lopez – Gavilan .

Dr. José Antonio Méndez Valencia , director of the Chamber Choir of Matanzas , said that singing is a mean par excellence to bring people together, a common language that people who do not share the same language come together to give life to the tune.

During the meeting, like deference from the native sound and to show respect to the identity of the peoples, the host choir sang domestic and foreign works like Mercedes, by Leo Brouwer, and traditional American song Shenandoah.

Following the presentation in Matanzas, the 70 members of the Yale Glee Club will perform Thursday in Havana, where they will converge in the Minor Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi Church with the Entrevoces ensemble directed by Digna Guerra.

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