Vigil against blockade of Cuba in the United States and the world

Unblock Cuba

Washington, Dec 23 (Prensa Latina) A vigil for peace and against the United States’ blockade of Cuba will take place today in US cities and around the world following the call from the Puentes de Amor solidarity project.

In the case of Miami, the initiative will take place late on Thursday afternoon, in the vicinity of the international airport, according to the organizers.

“We want there to be peace and harmony between Cuba and the United States, we want relations between the two countries to be normalized,” a Cuban resident the state of Florida told Radio Miami, referring to his motivations for participating in the vigil.

For his part, the Cuban-American Carlos Lazo, promoter of the solidarity action, will intervene in a prayer at the Vatican to ask God to intercede and enlighten the hearts of those who make the decisions to end the sanctions that affect Cuban families so much.

In Vancouver and Winnipeg, Canada, Cubans and friends of the island will also take to the streets to ask Washington to lift the coercive measures against Cuba.

Since the beginning of the year, Puentes de Amor convened caravans for the end of the blockade on a monthly basis, a solidarity initiative that has been replicated in other places of the world to demand that the US president, Joe Biden, fulfill his promise election to reverse the hostile policy towards Cuba.

However, more than 10 months after his arriving in the Oval Office, Biden still follows the same line as Donald Trump, who reinforced the blockade with 243 measures, intact so far.


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