Vice President Jaua Defends Venezuelans Right to Live in Peace

Montevideo, Oct 26 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Vice-President for Social Development and Revolution Missions , Elías Jaua, defended here the right of Venezuelans to live in peace so as to have social development and struggle against inequality and poverty.

Speaking exclusively to Telesur and Prensa Latina, the senior official said that he traveled to Montevideo to ratify Venezuela’s commitment to continue building an economic model that would allow full social inclusion.

Jaua attends the Second Meeting of the Regional Conference on Social Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), the Ministry of Social Development of Uruguay and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

He pointed out that this social and egalitarian economic model must be based on social justice and maximum protection of the people, but especially in the ‘transfer of power to the people.’

The Minister of Popular Power for Education also stressed that this is the only way to definitively overcome the obstacles of underdevelopment, poverty and marginalization.

He emphasized that his country showed that it can continue to distribute and reduce the inequality gap, despite all attempts to curb that effort.

He mentioned in this regard the structural fall in oil prices, the main national income; four years of destabilization, political violence, economic aggression, sustained policies of smuggling, parallel mechanisms, and financial and commercial aggression.

The Bolivarian vice president assured that Venezuela begins to walk the road of political and social stability after the ambushes of violence, the attempts of isolation and international aggression developed over the people.

In this regard, he defended the Venezuelan right to live in peace so as ‘to have social development, fight against inequality and overcoming poverty,’ peoples ‘have to have the right to live in peace,’ he said. During this afternoon’s speech at the ECLAC meeting, Jaua said he will explain how a battered, threatened, financially and commercially boycotted country has managed to maintain and expand social policies to contain the effects of economic problems and destabilization.

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