Venezuela’s Maduro Moves to Eradicate Racism from the Americas

U.S. actor and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover (R) said the decree "speaks of humanity as a whole."

U.S. actor and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover (R) said the decree “speaks of humanity as a whole.” | Photo: Gobierno Bolivariano de Venezuela

“Historical reparation, recognition and justice is pending; that is our commitment,” said President Maduro as he signed the International Decade for People of African Descent.

March 24 (teleSUR) With words of solidarity, Venezuela‘s President Nicolas Maduro signed the International Decade for People of African Descent in Caracas on Saturday.

Surrounded by ministers, the president began his speech by acknowledging the struggles endured by people of African descent all over the world.

Actor turned United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover sat beside Maduro as he recounted the trials that have been overcome in the United States and Latin America to obtain freedom and financial independence.

“Historical reparation, recognition and justice is pending; that is our commitment,” said the Bolivarian president, adding that Venezuela still had much more work to do.

“Very soon, at the latest in May, we will make a world meeting in Venezuela to establish a NAM (Non Aligned Movement) team to advance a global plan for the reparation of the rights of Afro-descendant peoples,” Maduro said.

The president recalled Afro-descendant Colombians and activists who have been persecuted for their political and social beliefs.

“We recently suffered the assassination of a leader in Rio de Janeiro, Marielle Franco, from here our solidarity with the movements of Brazil,” he said, calling for an end to the murders.

“When Venezuela takes up a cause, it pursues it with passion. We are going to establish a common strategy and propose to the NAM to lead this cause within the UN.”

Glover said the decree “speaks of humanity as a whole” as he applauded Venezuela for its efforts to improve education, health and society in general.

“We have to take advantage of this moment, this decree and all the moments to transform them into a political action with the citizens and governments of the world,” said the actor and activist.

Also present were the program director of the International Decade for Afro-Descendants Chapter Venezuela, Mireille Fanon, and human rights activist James Early.

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