Venezuela’s ANC President Proposes New Liaison Commission

The National Constituent Assembly now holds certain legislative responsibilities. | Photo: VTV

The ANC has assumed some the National Assembly’s functions by decree, as it continues to be in contempt. 

The President of Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly, ANC, Delcy Rodriguez has proposed setting up a liaison commission, made up of deputies from the old parliament and its constituents, to facilitate dialogue and work with the newly-elected body.

In a series of tweets, Rodriguez said five deputies would be appointed to oversee the panel.

Earlier, the ANC, assumed some the National Assembly’s functions by decree, as it continues to be in contempt.

The National Assembly, which is led by the right-wing opposition, hasn’t been dissolved and its members can resume their activities, said Rodriguez.

She added that opposition leaders had ignored a call to attend the session establishing the powers of the ANC voted for by millions of Venezuelans on July 30 in open and free elections.

“The Legislative Power has not been dissolved, as they want to suggest in the national and international media,” Rodriguez said.

ANC member Diosdado Cabello said, “If it were dissolved, we would not be making a decree in which only certain functions are assumed.”

“They can continue to meet and comment as the National Assembly. What we cannot allow is a National Assembly which paralyzes the state.”

Cabello recalled that the legislative body has been in contempt since it swore in lawmakers whose elections were under investigation for irregularities.

The politician said he believes this action destroys the allegations made by the U.S. government that Venezuela is a “failed state.”

by teleSUR / cg-RSF-CL

teleSUR, August 18, 2017

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