Venezuelan Rep at UN Reads Bolivar’s Book in Defiance to Trump

Venezuela's representative was not impressed by U.S. President's warmonger's speech in front of the nations of the world.
Venezuela’s representative was not impressed by U.S. President’s warmonger’s speech in front of the nations of the world. | Photo: Venezuela’s Presidency

“Bolívar hero, genius and universal thought,” tweeted the Venezuelan diplomat shortly after the end of Trump’s speech. 

Venezuela’s representative at the United Nations Daniela Rodríguez openly ignored U.S. President Donald Trump’s rant on socialism in the Caribbean country, reading instead a book about the Independence’s hero Simón Bolívar.

“This is the book I read while @realDonaldTrump, desecrated the General Assembly of the #ONU with his xenophobic and imperialist speech” tweeted Rodriguez. “Long live Bolivar! Long live Venezuela! Long live the Venezuelan people who do not bow to any empire! #HandsOffVenezuela.”

Daniela Rodríguez@danialerodrimar

#24Sep Este es el libro que leía mientras @realDonaldTrump, profanaba a la Asamblea General de la #ONU con su discurso xenófobo e imperialista. Que viva Bolívar! Que viva Venezuela! Que viva el pueblo venezolano que no se doblega ante imperio alguno! #HandsOffVenezuela

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In his rant against Venezuela, Trump said that “the dictator Maduro was a Cuban puppet, protected by Cuban bodyguards,” while rambling about “one of the most serious challenges our countries face,” “the specter of socialism… the wrecker of nations and destroyer of societies.” 

During the international meeting, the Venezuelan representatives will deliver a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres with more than 13 million signatures collected as part of the ‘No More Trump’ campaign, which sums up the global rejection of the unilateral economic blockade against the Latin American nation. 

As one of the main issues on the delegation’s agenda, the diplomatic staff will also present evidence of Colombian President Ivan Duque’s support of paramilitary groups, an official statement released on their website confirmed. The evidence refers to Duque’s protection to several organizations intending to undermine the Venezuelan government and people.

The Venezuelan delegation will also expose evidence of opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido’s links to Colombian criminal paramilitary group ‘Los Rastrojos’,  ties which were confirmed by one of the members of the group who testified after being captured by Venezuelan authorities.

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