Venezuelan intellectual denounces G-7 call for Amazon action

Caracas, Aug 26 (Prensa Latina) We are witnessing an environmental crime whose perpetrators are the rich European nations and the United States, who cut down and burn the jungles of the Amazon, Venezuelan journalist Hernan Mena said Monday.

In an article titled, ‘The Earth Burns because of those who today call to save it,’ published by the Venezuelan News Agency, the intellectual denounces the role of Washington and the great powers, who from the G-7 call to save that region when they are the cause of the disaster.

‘They are burning people, plants and animals, death and desolation, whose culprits are those who build towns, cities, luxurious residences and furniture,’ he remarked.

Mena explained how the Amazon jungle has been used to grow soybeans, sugarcane and other plants from which they extract agrofuels ‘to feed the tanks of a large part of the world’s 800 million vehicles, snatching that food from the world’s 900 million hungry.’ 

The earth is being exterminated by the fires, the water deficit, ‘the emissions of European factories and Yankees whose rulers, modern Pharisees, throw up their hands asking they be stopped,’ the Venezuelan intellectual contined.

‘They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, who only intend to take over our fertile lands, a longstanding dream of the US framed in its insane eagerness to conquer the world, including the Amazon and the countries that make it up, like Venezuela,’ he wrote.

He specified that all the nations that form part of the region are rich in oil, gas, diamonds, gold and other strategic minerals, behind which are the large transnationals that today debate and advocate in the G-7 to save what remains of those lands.


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