Venezuelan foreign minister stresses weakness of right-wing gov’ts

Caracas,  (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza stressed that right-wing governments are currently very frightened and weak.

In an interview with Resumen Latinoamericano, the foreign minister said that ‘part of this fear and weakness is expressed when they attribute to the Bolivarian Revolution, and especially to President Maduro, the power to burn the Amazon, to fill the squares of Brazil with oil, to destabilize Ecuador, to dissolve the Congress in Peru.’

He added that ‘Duque goes so far as to present fabricated evidence to argue that the situation in Colombia is Maduro’s fault. A ridiculous situation that, with the emerging awakening of the peoples, will end up in the trash can of history.’

Asked by journalist Geraldina Colotti about Europe’s role in the current situation in Latin America, Arreaza noted that ‘Unfortunately, large corporations govern Europe. Washington is the most important expression of imperialism, but so are Berlin and other European capitals.’

He stressed that in spite of the internal contradictions that this continent is experiencing, it is subordinate to the interests of the United States, ‘it does not contribute anything to the progress of humanity as other poles such as Russia, China and Africa do.’

‘The common objective must be to put an end to imperialist interests; when there are no empires, there will be no wars,’ he stressed, adding that for the Bolivarian Republic the self-determination of peoples is an essential right and that this nation will always be on the side of peoples who do not want to be dominated.

He recalled that imperialism is attacking Venezuela with unilateral coercive measures that affect the economy, peace and stability of the people.

‘When people die because they can’t find a medicine or they can’t have surgery, when they don’t have enough to eat, the responsibility falls on those gentlemen in Washington, on the bankers,’ he said.

‘The distortions in our economy come from all parts of the United States, from European banks (…) the blockade generates inflation, shortages, interrupts the relationship between supply and demand, and attacks our currency,’ he noted, but he specified that despite Washington’s onslaught, Venezuela will achieve its independence.


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