Venezuelan FM Calls U.S. Measures Crimes against Humanity

Caracas, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza considered as crimes against humanity the new sanctions announced by the U.S. government against the Central Bank of the South American country.

The official, in a message posted on Twitter, rejected Washington’s onslaught in one of its most grotesque political stages.

‘They enjoy making decisions to block economic processes and affect an entire people. These boastful actions are clearly crimes against humanity. We will take action’, wrote Arreaza. This Wednesday, the Caracas executive denounced the arbitrary, illegal and unilateral imposition of coercive measures against the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) by Donald Trump’s administration.

The government, through a official statement assured the sanctions announced Wednesday by National Security Advisor John Bolton, and ratified by the Treasury Department, affect the security and welfare of all Venezuelans.

‘The BCV (…) has the task of providing the main financial services of the Republic, centralize and manage international monetary reserves and formulate and implement the country’s monetary policy’ , the statement stressed.

The institution plays a fundamental role in the acquisition of medicines, food and other essential goods for the consumption of all the people, without exception, as well as in the stabilization of the economy in the face of Washington’s siege.

The United States intention ‘is to take this tool of the Venezuelan people out of the game by preventing their operations and their relationship with U.S. and global financial service providers’, the statement concluded.


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