Venezuelan Corrupted Right Steals From Itself

Caracas, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) The recently concluded visit to Venezuela of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, took place amid a climate that was not favorable for the political local opposition.

Tensions accumulated days ago by the unveiling of a corruption plot on funds allocated to supposed humanitarian purposes, was a prelude to the arrival of the former Chilean President, who as part of her agenda held meetings with representatives of the government and sectors against it.

Days before, the Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodriguez, had presented evidence linking the opposition leader Juan Guaido with a complex criminal network for the illegal appropriation of funds, brought to light with data provided by Colombian intelligence to PanAm Post.

The coup campaign, commanded since January 23 by the self-proclaimed President with the U.S. support, faces in this way one of the clearest evidence of his true intentions to power after his failed calls to the mass desertion of the military and the low popularity of its leaders.

The corruption scandal did not surprise the government and showed that the famous humanitarian aid was plundered by the opposition, assured Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who described the corruption network as a mockery of Washington.

The Venezuelan right wing made a total mockery of the United States by appropriating those resources to finance its operations on the border with Colombia and Venezuela, and stealing itself, he added.


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