Venezuelan Constituent Assembly Rejects Trump’s Executive Order

Caracas, Aug 13 (Prensa Latina) The National Constituent Assembly (ANC) on Monday rejected the executive order signed by US President Donald Trump against Venezuela, as it violates human rights.

The lawmakers condemned ‘the new interventionist attacks by the United States Government in order to sow destruction and death in our Homeland,’ and stressed that these punitive actions will be denounced at the United Nations.

At an extraordinary session on Monday, the ANC approved several agreements, including the creation of a committee to set the date for the next parliamentary elections.

We will review the country’s political situation and the institutions’ criteria, according to law, to determine the best time to hold the elections, and if that consultation shows that they have to be held this year, they will take place, ANC Speaker Diosdado Cabello stated.

‘No blackmail will be accepted. The defensive time is over, we are going for the revolutionary counterattack,’ he added.

Cabello pointed out that the Constitution of the Republic is very clear when establishing that no power is higher than the ANC, which can call elections at any time, and there is only one power to be renovated, the National Assembly.

In the same session, lawmakers agreed to continue the criminal trial of opposition leaders Jose Guerra, Rafael Guzman, Juan Pablo Garcia and Tomas Guanipa, on charges of treason against the Homeland, conspiracy, civil rebellion, unlawful assembly, usurpation of functions and instigation.

Cabello signed the communications that will be sent to the Supreme Court of Justice and the Public Ministry to continue the trial formally.


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