Venezuelan Aid to Affected Mexicans

Mexico, Sept 24 (Prensa Latina) A plane of the Venezuelan Air Force (FAB)today brought to Mexico 10,4 tons of supplies and food to the affected by the earthquake on September 19 that caused over 300 deaths.
The supportive load, as it was qualified by the South American ambassador here, Maria Lourdes Urbaneja, came aboard the famous Hercules of the FAB, known in the Caribbean for transporting aid to countries whipped by hurricanes, as Antigua and Barbuda recently did.

The government of the President Nicolas Maduro responds to the emergency to support the Mexican people, Venezuelan diplomat told Prensa Latina.

A rescuers team travelled with the humanitarian aid, which will joint brigades of several nations in the rescue labors.

This team is composed of six experts in analysis of collapsed structures, as well as a team for seeking people under debris

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