Venezuela to Install Truth, Justice and Reparations Commission

Constituent Assembly President Delcy Rodriguez (dressed in red jacket) stands with other ANC members. | Photo: teleSUR

The commission will also seek to promote peace and prevent further violent acts directed against the Bolivarian Revolution.

In its second session, Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly will install the nonpartisan Commission for Truth, Justice, and Reparation for Victims, which will be tasked with reviewing and determining the responsibility of perpetrators of violent political acts over the past few years.

The special commission will also seek to promote peace and prevent further violent acts directed at the Bolivarian Revolutionary government, according to Venezuela’s News Agency.

Former Venezuelan Foreign Minister and ANC President Delcy Rodriguez said the commission would be installed “for the sake of peace in our homeland,” while speaking at the ANC’s first session which was attended by more than 500 constituents.

“Every day, each scheduled session of this Constituent Assembly will mark a new page in the history of sovereignty, peace, and independence of Venezuela,” Rodriguez added.

Venezuela’s ANC has received support from many corners of the world, including the Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America, the Council of Electoral Specialists of Latin America, and the Network of Communicators of Mercosur, just to name a few.

Nevertheless, the institution, and the country’s leaders have been deemed dictators, sanctioned, and threatened by a U.S. government that came to power garnering second place in the popular vote, installed by the elitist electoral college.

Over eight million people voted in Venezuela’s ANC election on July 30 — a turnout of over 41 percent, according to electoral authorities — to choose from 6,120 candidates for the 545-member ANC in a mass display of support for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in the country.

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