Venezuela: The Scenario of Cuba’s Constitutional Referendum

Caracas, Feb 16 (Prensa Latina) On Saturday, Venezuela will be the scenario where more than 22,000 Cuban collaborators in different sectors will vote on their new Constitution.

Ambassador Rogelio Polanco told social and political activists and reporters at the Cuban Embassy in Caracas that polling stations will be set up in all Venezuelan states to guarantee the voting.

Polanco explained that for the successful development of the process, more than 600 polling stations will be available in 331 of Venezuela’s 335 municipalities on February 16 and 17.

‘Even in those municipalities that are far away by sea or air from the state capitals, we will guarantee the outreach of the process,’ he said when answering question from Prensa Latina.

Previously, Cubans in Venezuela studied and debated the Draft Constitution, which was approved by the People’s Power National Assembly (Parliament) in December 2018, after a broad consultation process between August and November last year, the diplomat noted.


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