Venezuela: The Opposition’s Threats Escalate

Caracas, Jul 19 (Prensa Latina) After an apparently calmed weekend, violence returned to the Venezuelan capital on Tuesday, perhaps as the prelude to the ”zero hour” that the opposition leaders are proclaiming.

Recently, the attorney and human rights activist Juan Martorano pointed out in an article after the plebiscite orchestrated by the so-called Board of Democratic Unity (MUD) that ‘Creole fascism in coordination with its international peers will get crazier’.

‘And they will try to make us plunge into a spiral of destabilization and sedition, trying to increase the levels of chaos and lawlessness that will allow them to justify a series of violent situations,’ he noted.

Therefore, Martorano warned, we must pay close attention and be careful these days, because there will be an escalation of violence, in an effort to prevent the election and the establishment of the National Constituent Assembly later, but no, they will not succeed, he stressed.

On Tuesday, the newspaper Ultimas Noticias published images of Caracas, where that day, opposition groups were setting a person on fire in the Altamira subway. Another video showed a charred body on a street in Lecheria, in the state of Anzoategui, as people were throwing stones at the lifeless body.

Evidently, the opposition will persist in its bet on violence, because they appear to think that the result of the manipulated plebiscite is a carte blanche to continue its destabilizing offensive to create chaos, the civil war and a foreign intervention in the country.


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