Venezuela Takes Actions against People Involved in Attempted Coup

Caracas, May 11 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan authorities have continued the investigations into the April 30 coup attempt, behind which the United States is, according to recent revelations.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro spoke on Friday about the links between the former director of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin), Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera, one of the main plotters in the coup attempt, with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Maduro pointed to the general as the main coordinator of the failed destabilizing action, also led by the legislator in contempt Juan Guaido, who is recognized by Washington and its allies as the ‘interim president’, and the opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, who is a fugitive and a refugee in the Spanish Embassy.

The investigations revealed that Christopher Figuera had been working for more than a year for the CIA in all the posts assigned to him, said the president, who noted that he would removed from office as the Sebin director and arrested the same day of the failed coup.

‘He coordinated the coup d’état, then fled, coordinated the whole trap, lie, intrigue and was not capable of going to the place where he ordered the coup, he did not show up, left his troops alone, fled at dawn (on Tuesday, April 30) and continues to be a fugitive,’ Maduro said.

As part of the lawsuits filed by relevant authorities, a Venezuelan court with jurisdiction in terrorism cases on Friday ordered that the lawmaker from the National Assembly (Parliament) in contempt, Edgar Zambrano, be deprived of his freedom for flagrant participation in the coup.

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) specified in a press release that Zambrano was charged with crimes of treason to the homeland, conspiracy, civil rebellion, usurpation of functions, public instigation to disobedience of the law and continued hatred, which are sanctioned in the Penal Code.

The judicial measure against Zambrano was adopted after he was detained, after he was stripped of his parliamentary immunity by the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), due to his involvement in the attempted coup d’état.

Attorney General Tarek William Saab informed that 10 legislators from the Parliament in contempt are involved in the actions that took place last week, and they are under investigation.

Saab noted that authorities has so far detained some 300 people allegedly involved in violent actions after the April 30 attempted coup.


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