Venezuela Promotes Environmental Protection during Earth’s Week

Caracas, Apr 23 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela is promoting a program of events to raise people’s awareness about preserving life on the planet and protect the environment, during the celebration of the Week of Mother Earth

In that regard, the Ministry of Eco-Socialism (MINEC) will visit educational centers to exchange seeds with students, so that they can plant them during the rainy season.

On the Day of Earth on Monday, the MINEC announced a work plan in parks, beaches, rivers and teaching institutions until next Sunday.

The program is aimed at people of all ages and involves students, activists and experts, Minister Heryck Rangel said.

During the weekend, caimans will be released in the Orinoco River, as well as arrau turtles, which are an endangered species, in the state of Apure, and seeds will be collected nationwide.

On Monday, President Nicolas Maduro said that the country might become the second nation in the world to promote a Law on the Protection of Mother Earth’s Rights.


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