Venezuela Pays Homage to Former Vice President José Vicente Rangel

Dr. José Vicente Rangel is honored at a ceremony at the Legislative Palace in Caracas. December 19, 2020.
Dr. José Vicente Rangel is honored at a ceremony at the Legislative Palace in Caracas. December 19, 2020. | Photo: Twitter / @PresidencialVE

The outstanding figure and close friend to Commander Hugo Chavez died Friday at the age of 91.

Dec 19 (teleSUR) President Nicolas Maduro has paid a heartfelt tribute to revolutionary leader, José Vicente Rangel, who passed away on Friday. President Maduro recalled the deep friendship between José Vicente and Commander Hugo Chávez based on moral principles and social justice.

“We have come to give words of condolences to the family of a great friend and protector. We come to give a hug of solidarity and courage for this irreparable loss,” said the Venezuelan Head of State.

President Maduro recognized the legacy of José Vicente Rangel in the political life of the country, “he was a man known and recognized by the revolution, in life tributes were paid to him for his work (…) He leaves an impeccable legacy to his family. our people,” he said.

The President recalled that in his fight for just causes, Rangel was one of the few who boldly faced the injustices of the Venezuela of the Fourth Republic, “José Vicente was the voice of struggle and protest against the vile attacks and massacres of the Fourth Republic (…) In the 60s the only clear, firm voice that began to be heard to defend the prisoners, the persecuted and tortured was the voice of José Vicente Rangel,” he added.

Tributes began earlier in the day with the presence of Executive Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, as well as other Venezuelan authorities who paid tribute to “pillar” of the Bolivarian Revolution, José Vicente Rangel, at a chapel in the Federal Legislative Palace of Caracas.

The ceremony for the man who served as Vice President under President Hugo Chavez was attended by family members, friends, authorities of the National Executive, politicians, the media, as well as representatives of political and social movements.

When speaking, Vice President Rodríguez said that José Vicente Rangel was the fundamental axis of the Bolivarian Revolution, highlighting his mark on the most just causes of the Venezuelan people.

“José Vicente Rangel is a moral reservoir of patriotic Venezuela … Today we bid you farewell with your example, to continue going through the experience of this Revolution,” added the Vice President.

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VP Delcy recalls that it was José Vicente Rangel who communicated the news of her father’s assassination to the Rodriguez family and accompanied them in mourning. They considered Dr. Rangel a father and today they remember him as a pillar of the Bolivarian Revolution. @drodriven2


Other personalities present at the tribute also highlighted the importance of Rangel in Venezuelan revolutionary history. The Legislator of the National Constituent Assembly and elected deputy to the National Assembly, Pedro Carreño, lamented the death of the distinguished Venezuelan lawyer, journalist and politician, who leaves a legacy for present and future generations.

“His example of loyalty to the Revolution, its principles, nationalist values, defense of peace and tenacity imposed in every battle, will continue to inspire the generations called to continue to build the Chavista victory that will lead us to preserve the integrity and worthy national tricolor,” waving firmly in an independent and victorious Homeland in the face of any imperial claim,” he expressed.

Carreño read the Constituent Agreement to honor the revolutionary, socialist, journalist, lawyer and politician José Vicente Rangel, who was later handed over to his relatives.

First Vice President of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Tania Díaz, stated: José Vicente is an ethical and moral reference. In the fourth Republic, he was the deputy we went to for help solve and rescue people who were victims of systematic human rights violations by the State.

ANC lawmaker and who has also been elected to incoming National Assembly, Julio Chávez, expressed his satisfaction at having met an extraordinary Venezuelan. “José Vicente is synonymous with deep love for the Homeland. He was a defender of Human Rights and a great parliamentarian, with a deep speech and full of content, he is our reference as a deputy. ”


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