Venezuela Opposition Attacks Nursery at VTV, Forcing Evacuation

Violent opposition supporters set fire to a police post across the street from the TV station.

The nursery at the Venezuela Television offices in Los Ruices in eastern Caracas was evacuated after the channel was threatened by violent opposition protesters who threw rocks into the nursery’s playground and set a police post on fire across the street from the station.

The attack was repelled by VTV workers themselves before the national guard arrived to arrest six people involved in the attempted assault.

Workers were seen coming out of the building to defend the station and freedom of the press in Venezuela, dismantling barricades set up by opposition forces in their efforts to shut down the city.

President Nicolas Maduro blamed the attack squarely on the mayor of the municipality of Sucre, “I blame Carlos Ocariz for this attack and I call for swift justice in this case.”

Infants from six months to a year old were taken out of the nursery in time to avoid any harm coming to them.


by teleSUR / rt

teleSUR, July 20, 2017


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