Venezuela National Plan 2019 – 2025: Highlights

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is seen speaking to the nation.
President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is seen speaking to the nation. | Photo: Reuters

President Maduro presented his National Plan 2019-2025 to the National Constituent Assembly (ANC).

April 4 (teleSUR) The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, presented on Monday his government National Plan 2019-2025, before the National Constituent Assembly (ANC). The program was created with the help of popular assemblies held throughout the country.

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“We Bolivarians, revolutionaries, patriots, Chavistas, we have a plan and a method, a detailed system that gives continuity to what has been achieved to this day but also allows us to improve ourselves,” Maduro said.

During his speech, Maduro reiterated the importance of involving young people, communities and all sectors of the country to ensure progress in the development of the country.

The Venezuelan Constitution establishes as an obligation of the National Executive to draw up a Plan of Economic and Social Development of the Nation, which is submitted to the National Assembly for approbation.

The Plan of the Nation contemplates five historical objectives that are established as a long-term vision and thirty-two national objectives. 

The five historical objectives are focused on national independence, environmental issues, Bolivarian socialism, Venezuela position in Latin America, international geopolitics and promotion of a multipolar world.

The new government program is aimed to consolidate the sovereignty of the country and preserve strategic natural resources to maintain control over “Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.” (PDVSA). According to the 2019-2025 plan, Venezuela will also tend to develop national technologies and geopolitical alliances strategies for the sovereign use of hydrocarbon resources. 

The plan will be focused on sovereign management of the Republic’s income and the reinvestment of national surpluses, in both public and private institutions, in order to guarantee the social principles of equity and national development. 

The government also committed to developing the local economy and sustained development. 

In order to translate this goals and intentions into concrete measures, the government of Venezuela will create 4 million jobs, 5 million homes, includes 4 million new women in the Humanized Delivery Plan, strengthened food programs such as the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), reach 100 percent in student enrollment for primary and secondary education and increase oil production to five million barrels per day.

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