Venezuela helps repair over 860 homes in Maisí, Cuba

Oct 24, Maisí Guantánamo.– A total of 861 homes damaged by Hurricane Matthew in this municipality have been repaired with the help of the Venezuelan Barrio Nuevo, Barrio Tricolor (New, Tricolor Neighborhood) mission.

The figure represents 97% of homes being repaired as part of the project, with only 25 left to complete, a goal which should be achieved by the end of the year, stated Elmis Luis Gaínza Abad, vice president of the Municipal Administration Council, speaking to Granma.

Represented in this province by international provider 251 Cacique Hatuey, the mission has been working in the communities of Punta de Maisí, Santa Martha, El Veril, Los Arados, and Chafarina, where the participation of locals has help speed up the pace of repairs.

Meanwhile, depending on the extent of damage caused to their homes, the project has also provided affected families with sheet roofing, supports, and screws, 100 meters of wire, and both interior and exterior paint. Many households have also received a set of doors and windows, or had their bathroom fixtures replaced.

The Venezuelan mission has likewise helped to repair state facilities in Maisí, including stores, sports areas, and schools.

In regards to housing, apart from homes that were totally destroyed, the Barrio Adentro project is helping to repair dwellings that were partially destroyed or those that lost either part of or their entire roof.

In order to facilitate these repairs, this collaborative effort, which was later extended to the municipalities of Baracoa and Imías, also provided tools for residents to borrow, including drills, cutting machinery, welding equipment, leads, paint brushes and rollers; while the Cuban government has donated additional resources, including cement, sand, gravel, blocks, nails, and even transportation.

Meanwhile, Baracoa and Maisí also received construction equipment and a concrete plant, donated as part of the Venezuelan mission.

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