Venezuela Doesn’t Fear the Threats of Imperialism, says Maduro

Caracas, August 11 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela doesn”t fear the threats of imperialism and is prepared to resist and win, said President Nicolás Maduro this Sunday, during an appearance at the World Day of Protest against the United States.

The U.S. government violates all the principles of international law, said the head of state in the Simon Bolivar square of this capital.

Maduro and his wife, Cilia Flores, signed the document supporting the international campaign ‘No More Trump’, rejecting the recent unilateral and illegal measures of President Donald Trump.

‘We call the people, the combat, the action to raise their eyes, the flags. Venezuela is respected, for fuck’s sake,’ he said.

He expressed his confidence in the people and affirmed that Venezuelans will not allow themselves to be humiliated by anyone, that they have prepared themselves morally and politically to exercise power for the sole and exclusive benefit of the Venezuelan people.

Referring to his decision to suspend talks with the opposition for now, he stressed that he continues to believe in sovereign, political and economic dialogue as the only way to resolve tensions, but on the basis of respect for Venezuelans and their Constitution.

He called for preserving unity and increasing production capacity in order to move forward and overcome the situation the country is experiencing due to Washington’s punitive sanctions, blocking state assets and threatening sanctions against those who negotiate with Venezuela.

He also told national authorities to improve the food protection system and stressed the need to guarantee peace and economic security, as well as the people’s income.

He added that the White House uses the economic power of the dollar and U.S. banks to blackmail the world in order to impose world hegemony.

The multitudinous concentration that took place throughout the country was the response of the people to the siege by the United States against the South American nation, intensifying this week after Trump approved the blockade of Venezuelan assets in order to generate a change of regime in the country.


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