Venezuela denounces sabotage against oil industry

Caracas, Jan 12 (Prensa Latina) The Ali Rodriguez Araque Presidential Commission for the defense and restructuring of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) on Wednesday denounced a sabotage perpetrated against the facilities of the country’s main industry.

In a statement, the Commission reported an explosion the day before at Poliducto de Oriente, in the Naricual municipality, in the city of Barcelona, Anzoategui state, from which all fuel is distributed to eastern Venezuela.

According to authorities, this criminal action is part of the permanent war by extreme right-wing groups that seek to boycott the achievements of the Bolivarian Government in the system of production, distribution and commercialization of fuels.

It stressed that such attacks are added to the criminal record of sanctions and threats that the Venezuelan hydrocarbon industry has been subjected to during the last five years by extremist sectors, whose agenda of violence aims to interrupt PDVSA’s operations.

The Commission noted that the contingency protocols were activated and the necessary measures were taken to guarantee the operational restitution of the attacked infrastructure immediately and prevent the interruption of fuel distribution in that region of the country.

“The Bolivarian Government, headed by President Nicolas Maduro, together with the heroic working class of PDVSA, ratifies their commitment to continue working tirelessly until achieving the full recovery and strengthening of the industrial and technological infrastructure of the oil industry,” the statement concluded .


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