Venezuela, Cuba Solidarity Movement Against US Aggresive Campaign

Caracas, Mar 9 (Prensa Latina) The Venezuela-Cuba National Movement of Friendship and Solidarity today called on the international community to join efforts to denounce the aggression that the United States and its allies have against the two countries.

In a statement, the friendship group invited all social movements in the world to spread the truth about the recent provocation against Cuba mounted by the former presidents Andrés Pastrana, of Colombia, and Jorge Quiroga, of Bolivia, to attack the Cuban electoral process and generate instability.

He described the attitude of the ex heads of states of genuflection before Washington, which, he said, ‘gives them special powers to pretend to humiliate the legitimate Latin American governments.’

Through the so-called Latin American Youth Network for Democracy ‘, an organization made in the United States, the two politicians wanted to award a prize in Cuba to people and organizations that are dedicated to attacking governments and peoples that do not bend to the Washington’s interests, added in the text of the Venezuela-Cuba National Movement of Friendship and Mutual Solidarity.

He stressed that Quiroga and Pastrana would use as an excuse the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEA), another organization created for interventionist purposes by the United States Department of State.

IDEA involves the also former presidents Álvaro Uribe, from Colombia; Vicente Fox, from Mexico; and Laura Chinchilla, Costa Rica; declared enemies of Cuba, responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in their efforts and who have acted to protect terrorists like Luis Posada Carriles.

He recalled that a sample of their actions against Cuba and Venezuela this year the Spanish group gave a special mention to the fugitive of Venezuelan justice Antonio Ledezma, prosecuted for his responsibility in acts of violence that cost the lives of dozens of people.

It meant that the planned spectacle against Cuba was not accidental, because it was attempted just when the Presidential Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Trade Treaty with the Peoples (ALBA-TCP) was held in Caracas.

Finally, the Venezuela-Cuba National Movement of Friendship and Solidarity reiterated that they can not break the dignity of both countries, for which they demanded respect.

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