Venezuela Blackouts Part of Planned US Operation: Russia Defense Ministry

The Russian Defense ministry said that a U.S.-led operation caused blackouts in Venezuela.
The Russian Defense ministry said that a U.S.-led operation caused blackouts in Venezuela. | Photo: Reuters

Russian Defense ministry said the series of electricity blackouts were part of a U.S. operation to put pressure on the Venezuelan government.

April 22 (teleSUR) Russian Deputy Defense Minister Colonel General Alexander Fomin said the recent series of blackouts in Venezuela was due to a planned operation led by the United States.


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Fomin, during an interview with RT, said that “the United States does not stop” when it comes to pressurize on Venezuela.

“They do not reject any tool, they widely use the tools of hybrid wars, color revolutions, as well as train leaders and militants of radical movements,” Fomin said.

“You can see that an operation called ‘Blackout’ is underway, it is a planned and artificial closure of energy facilities, which also negatively affects the atmosphere in the country and only aggravates the existing crisis, mainly the economic crisis.”

He further predicted that Cuba and Nicaragua will be the “next victims” of the United States.

Fomin also argued that the “option of force” that the U.S. has prepared through which it “scares everyone” is not beneficial to Washington, because it “can unite more people around the Venezuelan government.”

A series of blackouts started on March 7 in Venezuela which interrupted work and other daily functions of the phone, internet, water, etc.

Caracas blamed the U.S. and Venezuelan right-wing for the attacks on its electricity. According to the Venezuelan government, the attacks were a part of a plan to oust the legitimately elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Russia previously said it will help Venezuela investigate the attacks on its electrical system upon requests for such assistance from the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro. 

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromoloto said support for investigations will be given because the Venezuelan government has constantly said the attacks in March were cyber aggression against the National Energy Service (SEN) of the country.

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