USA Jazz Band Builds Bridges in Cuba

Havana, Jan 18 (Prensa Latina) ”Mushulu Band is a musical project that seeks to defend from jazz the differences, blur borders and spread respect, tolerance and acceptance,” declared members of this U.S. band today.

The group, founded a few months ago, is made up of prestigious musicians such as Jeff Berlin (bass), Dennis Chamber (drums), Oz Noy (guitar) and David Sancoius (keyboard).

The debut of the quartet and its first time on Cuban stages will take place tonight in the Avellaneda Hall, of the National Theater, as part of the International Jazz Plaza Festival.

The presentation will recall historical themes from their repertoires that mark, in a certain way, the particular sound that the band will defend from now on.

The show will be accompanied by the recording of a DVD, an initiative that, as Sancoius explained, ‘defends live music by its ability to capture the magic of the show and the energy transmitted by the public when they are on stage.

The name of the quartet comes from a famous ship that during World War II (1939-1945) transported immigrants from Finland, Sweden, and other countries to North American shores.

With decades on the international stage, the members of the Mushulu Band are nourished by various genres thanks to the experiences gained in other groups and their contact with musicians from various nations.

His collaborations include names such as Bruce Spingteen, Stanley Clarke, Narada Michael Walden, Zucchero Fornaciari, Peter Gabriel, Sting, John Scofield, Steely Dan, Carlos Santana, Parliament/Funkadelic, John McLaughlin, Niacin, Mikeia Stern, Victor Wooten and Greg Howe.

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