USA insists on plans vs. Cuba, French academician denounces

Paris, Aug 11.- The subversive project against Cuba, revealed by AP agency, states that the United States has never renounced its objective of breaking the constitutional order and destroying the Revolution, French academician Salim Lamrani said today.When asked about the issue by Prensa Latina, the university professor recalled that the Torricelli and Helms-Burton Acts, in addition of worsening the blockade, have established the existence of a budget destined to finance subversion.

In an article issued on August 4, the Associated Press (AP) revealed a plan by USAID (United States Agency for International Development) to recruit Cuban youth and organize them to act against the government.

According to AP, USAID and its contractor, Creative Associates International, used Latin American youth, who were secretly sent to the Caribbean nation to “identify actors of a potential social change,” all this within a program destined to strengthen instability.

“The reason of being from USAID is to destabilize the countries that emancipate from Washington’s tutelage, and adopt policies in favor of national interests rather than those of the United States,” said Lamrani.

The doctor on Iberian and Latin American Studies stated that USAID represents a series of threats for democracy in Latin America, as it promotes the breakdown of the constitutional order, advises and finances dissidents.

The program was hardly published three months after AP revealed another USAID covert project, known as ZunZuneo.

Also called “Twitter cubano,” this plan consisted on secretly devising a social network, aimed at creating situation of destabilization to cause changes in the country’s political order.

This U.S. policy is a violation of the most elemental rules of International Law, which strictly prohibits the interference in the internal affairs of another sovereign nation, French academic said. (Prensa Latina)

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