US will continue supporting its “independent journalists”

e0ebb7f01c0eb9be9232cc8ab2735bfa_LWhile some in the island announced new projects for a presumed non-governmental journalism, the US government states publicly that it will support “independent journalists”.

According to EFE: “The US will continue to support “independent journalists” in Cuba so they can “practice their right” to information, reported today the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy, Bureau of Western Hemisphere in the US, Gonzalo Gallegos.”

It is noteworthy no one has taken notice of the paradox in Gallegos’ words, via videoconference, during the General Assembly of the Inter-American Press Association held in Charleston, South Caroline, US.

How can you be labeled “independent journalist” if you have the public support of the foreign power that has tried hard —for more than half a century, using all sort of aggressions— to submit your country?

The US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy, Bureau of Western Hemisphere, to whom the “changes (in Cuba) won’t happen overnight, proposes, despite the restoring of bilateral relations, to continue a policy which, as the blockade itself, has proven to be a total failure.

What is such “support” provided by successive US administrations to the allegedly Cuban independent journalists? First of all, the hundreds of millions USD given by means of governmental entities such as NED or USAID, or the delivery of crazy sums of money in awards using as cover “innocent” NGOs in third countries, mainly in Europe.

Likewise, and violating the Vienna Conventions, the government of the US, before December 17th, used its USIS (US Interest Section) as headquarters for those “professionals”.

Let’s not forget the illegal broadcasts of Radio and TV Marti. Both still serve as platforms to those correspondents at the service of the Empire. Let’s not forget either they use avant-garde technologies in projects like Zunzuneo and Piramideo. By the way, Gallegos also said that one of Obama’s goals is that the telecommunication field — among others in the business sector— can “land in Cuba”.

Contrary to what the Deputy Secretary affirms, —in his opinion Washington only looks for “efficient ways” to reach the “final goal”: “the Cuban people having access to information”— the main objective of these paid agents is not precisely to inform citizens. No journalists can tell a story to any ordinary citizen. Not to mention if the report omits words such as “blockade”, banned from the handbook of those informants.

Actually, it is all about maintaining the a policy a psychological war, slander, and libels that allow to justify —at the right time— to the world public opinion, economic measures to punish and promote, as it occurred recently in Libya or now in Syria, the military intervention.

It is grotesque to predicate the autonomy of a journalism lewdly financed by the Empire. It is no secret that in the field of propaganda, he who pays is in charge. Until now, no European NGOs “bona fide” have spent a penny in undermining the current misinformation where it can be accepted so flagrantly the word independent for mercenary.

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