US vote in favor of blockade showed destructive plan against Cuba

US vote in favor of blockade showed destructive plan against Cuba

Moscow, Jun 24 (Prensa Latina) The Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday reported the US vote against the resolution presented at the UN for the lifting of the blockade against Cuba showed Washington’s destructive, unfair and illegitimate Cuba policy.

On Wednesday, 184 member states of the United Nations voted at the General Assembly in favor of lifting the US blockade against Cuba; Ukraine, Colombia and Brazil abstained and only the United States and Israel voted against it.

‘The Biden administration voted against this resolution, which is in line with the destructive, unjust and illegitimate US Cuba policy,’ noted the Russian Foreign Ministry statement.

It emphasized that the White House’s war of unilateral measures to destroy the Cuban government is an example of open political pressure based on the Monroe Doctrine, contempt for human rights and humanitarian values.

The document pointed out that such a policy is evident amid the health crisis caused by Covid-19, ‘when countries need to join forces to fight against this common tragedy,’ it said.

It indicated that, amid the spread of the pandemic, ‘Washington spurs anti-Cuban hysteria.’

Russia considered the US decision to include Cuba in its list of countries that sponsor terrorism the epitome of absurdity.

The text recalled that Russia supported the resolution against the US blockade in line with its categorical condemnation of unilateral sanctions, undermining of national sovereignty and interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.


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