US To Reestablish Consular Work in Cuba

U.S. embassy to be reopened. Feb. 4, 2022.

On Thursday, the Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian A. Nichols, disclosed to the press that the U.S. would send consular personnel to Cuba

Feb 5 (teleSUR) The Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian A. Nichols, announced on Thursday that the U.S. would send officials from consular service for Cuba, aiming to make the process of visas for Cuban applicants faster.

According to some sources, the date for the reestablishments of the consular work in the Havana embassy has yet to be defined.
In October 2017, the White House decided to withdraw all diplomatic staff from the island under the pretext that the Cuban authorities had responsibilities on a mysterious illness resulting from alleged sonic attacks. After analyzing the situation by experts and U.S agencies, it concluded that there is a lack of evidence to support the accusations.

In 2021 the release of an internal report indicated that former President Donald Trump had accused Havana without evidence, alongside the mismanagement and lack of coordination in his response to the alleged attacks.

On the other hand, Biden’s administration has kept away from finger-pointing publicly to any country. It continues to investigate these kinds of incidents, which have already taken place in other nations.

The NBC network has mentioned a CIA report that underlined that the so-called “Havana syndrome” resulted from a campaign directed by a country hostile to the U.S., which causes remain unknown.

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