US sanctions preclude Cuban people from breathing

Washington, Aug 2 (Prensa Latina) Sanctions imposed by the United States preclude the Cuban family from breathing normally, but Washington continues to tighten up, Bridge of Love project´s major promoter Carlos Lazo condemned.

Speaking to Prensa Latina, Carlos Lazo said that after a 40-day protest across the United States, the solidarity caravan decided to temporarily finish off its journey in Minneapolis, where African-American George Floyd was killed.

A Minneapolis police officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck while saying he could not breathe. This city has now become a symbolic place for the US people, Carlos Lazo stated.

Lazo claimed that the US government also has its knee on Cuba´s neck, a nation saying it cannot breathe with these sanctions. Cuba cannot breathe amid a pandemic and Washington even so continues to tighten up.

Bridges of Love project hopes that a national movement will be created in the United States, in which all people of good will be united in fighting for the lifting US sanctions and blockade against Cuba.

We must unite to get the US government to stop stifling the Cuban family amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Lazo insisted, while referring to a poster he saw at the right place where Floyd was murdered: In times of crisis, fools build walls. Wise men build bridges, he said.

In Minnesota, we were received by a community group, a Mayor Candidate and different people in solidarity with Cuba, Lazo said.

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