US Sanctions Against Venezuela Limits Access to World Market

Caracas, May 13 (Prensa Latina) US government’s hostile measures against Venezuela has reached on Monday their maximum expression in the international financial market to hinder Caracas’ access to the importation of basic goods for social programs.

In this regard, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, denounced in recent statements that the siege contradicts international law and the UN Charter.

According to the Minister, the blockade against Caracas is causing an increase in the cost for banking commissions, the closing of Venezuelan State´s accounts and the illegal appropriation of resources in dollars and other currencies by foreign governments.

‘The blockade has made Venezuelan people suffer. What the US government is doing is criminal and we are going to insist on diplomacy, on dialogue to unblock domestic economy,’ the chief diplomat added.

The retention of foreign currency amounts to over four billion dollars in assets withheld in international banking. In addition, the most recent sanctions have hampered transaction of 4,851,252 euros needed for the care of 26 Venezuelan patients in Italy, part of a State’s agreement by Petroleos de Venezuela-PDVSA for bone marrow transplant.


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